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Precisely Manufactured Tubing & Hose Fittings

Whether you need a new pressure switch or durable hose fittings, One Source Pneumatics is the answer. Located in sunny Orlando, Florida, we have a staggering inventory of pneumatic cylinders, valves, and all of the miscellaneous filters and regulators you could think of.

Hose Fittings & Tubing

We have a wide variety of fittings available for pneumatic systems. These fittings convert a threaded port to a quick release port/tubing port. There are different male and female configurations available to meet your specific application needs. All tubing is constructed from polyurethane, and it is mostly stocked in clear, blue, and black in 500' rolls. We have tubing sizes from 1/8" to 1/2", or 4mm to 16mm.

Pressure Switches & Gauges

Gauges and manometers measure the air pressure on a given line. We currently offer them in bronze and stainless steel, and dry as well as liquid filled. They are all dual-range, PSI/BAR gauges. While the most widely used is bronze, the stainless steel can work out better in the long run for wet or damp settings, since the stainless steel helps to protect from corrosion. We also carry single-pull, double-throw pressure switches in four different ranges:

  • 1 PSI - 87 PSI
  • 14 PSI -145 PSI (Our Most Popular)
  • 72 PSI - 232 PSI
  • 72 PSI - 348 PSI
Tubing and Gauges